Creative Writing

Moment in review

Typically, a year in review involves reflecting on the highlights of the year to summarize the year. I would like to flip this on its head and do the opposite: summarize the first semester of Humes using one specific experience I’ve had this fall semester.  

Taking place around the time when paper 1 was first introduced to us, a couple of my friends and I left our dormitories to throw a frisbee in front of Chambers. All of us members of the Humes course, were puzzled by the assignment. None of us had ever written a paper involving the engagement of two readings on a deep, critical level before, so even the start, identifying the difficulty and engagement passage, was a mystery to us. We all had been twisting our heads around the task individually without any luck prior, and thought taking a break and throwing a frisbee around would help clear our heads. Little to our surprise, this would do so much more than help us relax and refuel our engines – it gave us answers to the essay. Talking with each other and hearing everybody’s different outlooks on the paper helped each of us think differently as we discussed possible connections between articles. This experience with the guys would eventually reveal my answer to the paper. Some of the other guys as well found this helpful and informative to their arguments. So, what started out as a time to hang out, turned into so much more, and I think this is analogous to Humes. Everybody joined the course for a reason, the academics, but is getting much more from than this (i.e., a community that has each other’s back).